From the Instagram accounts I follow I learnt that the items and trends repeatedly represented on social media belong to a universal movement of Nordic and Scandinavian design. Hexagon shelves, trestle tablesindustrial clothing rails, pallet furniture, pineapple printsand succulent plants were among the many items collaged on my inspiration board, desired and gradually acquired. As you can see, Mono Online Shop has been my “go-to-girl” in collecting such pieces and adding them to my home.

Before I went to Bali, I believed that ‘bohemian’ and ‘minimal’ were polar-opposite concepts. The high-end boutique stores and contemporary structures in Bali are designed to coexist with the lifestyle and surroundings of the island which is simplicity at its’ best. Apart from the contemporary and bohemian apparel from high-end boutique stores in Seminyak (Magali Pascal, Uma and LeopoldLily Jean etc.) I preferred supporting local artisans and handmade macramé products: hammocks, cushions, plant hangers, wall-hanging designs and much more.

I wanted a piece of Bali and to represent the island’s contemporary and bohemian style in my home. As you can see I have styled my new Bali buys together with my Scandinavian furniture to create a space that is both minimal and organic at the same time. No matter where I go and what item I decide to add to my home my style aims for consistency: under the control of simplicity and harmony of an all-white home.

If you are interested in this style (Boho + Scandinavian) and are looking for inspiration here are a few Instagram accounts to look at: @ceramicmagpie@organic_everything@mondernmacrame, and  @tryfenah.

(See this post on Mono Online Shop)